Thursday, April 17, 2014

Square 1 Art

When my special Alaska girl, gave me this key chain she designed, I knew I was going to have to turn it into a little quiltie for her.

Have you heard about Square 1 Art?  If you have a child in elementary school, you likely have.
Every year, your child draws a project and turns it into "Square 1 Art". What a fun keepsake to collect from year to year.

With the help of scanners and printers, it's so easy to turn their works of art, into a quilt pattern.

Elyse, is the artist for this piece.
I just put it to fabric for her.
Enjoy, sweet girl!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Hippity Hoppity, Easter's one it's way!

                                    And some bunny is peeking in on you! 

If this little guy looks familiar to you... it's because it's part of the Bunnies, Bees and Bears pattern, that I love so much.
You can find that pattern right HERE

  I got confirmation that my swap partner Jennifer, has received her package!

                                    Hope she has a wonderful Easter!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Pattern is out, the Pattern is out...

Memba that famous movie scene with the phone books?

Well, that is just how I felt, when I saw the post over at BeaQuilter.

Yes, Bea has gone and done it again...designed another pattern.   Boxes!   This is just the most versatile and fun pattern you can ever have. Best yet, it stitches up like lightening.

  You can find this pattern right HERE  on her Craftsy page and it will soon be on

I was one of the lucky ones who got to pattern test for her.  Never did I expect to be able to put the fun fabrics I collected a few years back, to such good use.

I'm not even sure just why I bought it, but the crazy ole cowgirls just struck my funny bone.

Then there was that border print to match...

I was a gone-er and had to have it!

I threw in a bright orange 
(cause it so needed more bright...right)

And my quilt came out like this...

 If you check in on Bea's page, and it's linked up top for you, you can see all the different quilts that the testers made. Each and every one is so different and so much fun!
I'm telling you... this is a gotta have pattern!

Thanks Bea!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Flags on a Stick Blog Hop Winner

Another fun filled blog hop, draws to an end!  What fun this was. We saw so many wonderful ways to show off our yards this year. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I have! Thanks to all, who advised me on how to get around the "no more holes" rule on my new siding!  I am thrilled to know I can soon dress up my place too!   Flags on a stick has a suction cup holder!  Eureka!  Now that's perfect. I am also on the lookout for the clips that go into the siding grooves. Who knew!  Oh, that would be you. This is why we share on these blog hops!  I love it! helped me pick a winner for my hand dye fabric....

That winner is #66... Soma, that is you!  :-)  

Hahaha.. LOVE the moose!! The circle quilting looks amazing on that fabric!

I have sent and email for your mailing address, and promise to put it in the mail right away!  :-)

For those who think they too are late for posting comments... Well there were 67 who commented on this post and Soma was second to the last. It's just never too late to tell us how you feel!  :-)  CONGRATS to Soma!

Thanks again to Madame Samm and Thearica for all the work they have put into this wonderful hop! We just can't tell you both enough, just how much you mean to us!

Happy Stitchin

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Flags on a Stick Blog Hop

I love flags...when the wind blows, they have a life of their own. They represent things, they have stories to tell, they command attention. Heck, it sounds a lot like us quilters, now doesn't it!  ;-)  My guess is, Madame Samm must have thought the same thing. She and Thearica have once again brought us together to show just who we really are!  Thank you ladies for all you do!

By now, its no surprise to any of you that I like moose.  No, better change that to I LOVE moose! So for my flag, of course you knew there would be a moose on it...

                                       and right you are!

There us just something about this moose that just screamed...I gotta be your flag!  Be it the patchwork ears, or the half crazed look on his face. (like, from a quilting all-nighter)  This could possibly be the best avatar of me yet! :-)  I know you can "all"see the resemblance!
This guy is a Whippersnapper rubber stamp design. I just go crazy when I page thru the stamps that they have. Each and ever one is just so perfect for quilts!

Now about that background's some of my hand dye fabric. I just knew that eventually some project would just scream for it!  :-) I don't usually strive for pieces like this. When I get them, I am just not sure what to do with them, so they tend to sit on a shelf for awhile. I'm so glad that "crazy" quilting fairy finally whispered in my ear!   LOL!

My flag is on a stick, but headed for the stairwell going down to my sewing room. Hanging to welcome all... We had our house sided last year and the new rule here is NO MORE HOLES. Nothing, I ask??? No flags, no Christmas lights, no quilt blocks...I must admit, throwing a grade school tantrum, yelling that's not fair ran thru my mind!  But really now, I am an adult... ok, the jury is still out on that one!  ;-)  The garden would be the next option, but there is no shade, and flags fade out in record speed, with our mile high altitude. So, safe and sound in my sewing room is the next best option. I will just admire all your flags waiving free in your yards and dream!

That being said, I screamed with delight when I saw the flag that Fishkopp posted about cleaning her house, the very first day of the hop. I just have to have make that flag. Now, if I can't put a hole in anything, I wonder how he would feel about sticky Velcro attached to the siding??????   I am definitely going to think on that one.   LOL!!

Did I hear give a way time?   Yes indeed, I did.
How about a yard of my snow dye fabric...many of us have had so much snow this year. At least I found a way to make good use of that blasted white stuff!  :-) Collectively we could have dyed enough fabric to cover the earth I am sure!  :-)

Just leave me a comment telling me what visions you have for using it.
I want to know what your "crazy" quilting fairy might whisper in your ear!
                               I'll pick a winner April 3rd, the last day of the hop.

   Now, I stumbled on this greeting card a few weeks ago. It was just so perfect...
                                            Oh that Hallmark...
                    Only when you need to send the very best!  


                   On that note...Here is a list of my fellow bloggers today.
                            I'm off to see what's waiving at their place!

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